Why Us

     We are all about fashionable sunwear with a purpose. We believe that it is all about what message you convey through your shades, and we feel very passionate about it. We’re focused in offering fun and inspiring products. That’s why each one of our sunglasses come in limited edition collections, with trendy styles, making it easy for you to find the one that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

Wear your confidence with Formosun, we ship nationwide!



 A Letter From the Founder...

     Hello, thank you for visiting our store, I appreciate it so much and I  hope you like what you see!

     In the beginning of 2020, I started working at a luxury hotel in San Francisco. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was sent back home. When I came back home to Los Angeles, I started digging deeper on what I really wanted to do and what made me truly happy. I realized my true call was to start my own business, creating a real impact on my customers and on society as well. 

     A sunglasses brand became the perfect idea, as my family has owned an optical store selling prescription glasses and sunglasses for over two generations. I spent my afternoons after school helping out at the store since I was a child so I already have a foundation for the eyewear industry. 

     I decided to carry on my family legacy by focusing only on sunwear and I started using my time in quarantine to build my business. I named the company Formosun after my birth country Taiwan since it was once called Republic of Formosa which meant beautiful island. On September 29th of 2020 I finally launched Formosun after months of production. 

     My goal is that as I grow my business, I can give back to create a positive impact in our society and create a community of empowerment and confidence around us. 

Warm Regards, 

Fiona Tung